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Best Places to Eat and Drink in Northern Fuerteventura

A large enjoyable part of travelling for me is trying out new restaurants, dishes and cuisines. It’s always an adventure exploring places you expect to be great, only to find they are an utter disappointment, to finding the gems you’d not normally look twice at.

Fuerteventura can be very much like that. The main strips of the large tourist towns provide a blanket of bland so-so food, the menus appearing to be the same just with a different logo stamped across the top.

So, after much trial and error, here’s my top picks of where to eat and drink in Northern Fuerteventura.

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Best for cakes:

Pasteleria El Goloso – Lajares: Often described by many on TripAdvisor as the ‘best bakery on the island’, it’d be wrong to not stop in this sleepy surf town between El Cotillo and Corralejo for some pastries. This lemon tarte was divine!

best restaurants & bars to eat and drink in Fuerteventura

Best for Paella

La Arroceria – Corralejo: This may be a little walk away from the centre of town, but La Arroceria’s ‘local-ness’ is what makes is that much better. It most definitely beats the bland ‘tourist trap’ foods of the main strip. We loved the food so much we ended up eating here twice in one week.

best restaurants & bars to eat and drink in Fuerteventura

Best for Cocktails:

Mojito Beach Club and Agua Tiki Bar – Corralejo: What’s not to like! Cocktails and an ocean view. Next door to each other, these two cocktail bars are much the same, have great cocktails and a great place for a sun-downer or post dinner drink. Heck, why not sample both in one night?!

best restaurants & bars to eat and drink in Fuerteventura

An Indian in Fuerte?!

Jaipur – Corralejo: Believe it or not, there is more than one Indian restaurant in Correlejo and the food isn’t at all that bad. There’s also something quite novel about enjoying an Indian Al Fresco.

Best volacno walk burrito

Fuerte Vida – Lajares: at the bottom of the Calderon Hadro, this fantastic hippy mexican inspired bar serves one of the best burrito’s we’ve ever had and the price was even sweeter (€7). Chill out in the hammocks and shelter from the high sun. We stopped here during a cycle over the volcano and back along the coastal route.

best restaurants & bars to eat and drink in Fuerteventura


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