Adventurous Azores – 14 days on Sao Miguel

Third of the way out into the Atlantic on route to America, sits a family of 9 volcanic Islands, stretching over 600km. "The Azores?! Where are they?" is pretty much the confused response I've had from everyone that's asked where I've recently been on holiday. And not surprisingly given  TAP Portugal, SATA and Ryan Air are the only carriers currently to [...]

Hey! Hey! A weekend in Stockholm

As a business consultant travel comes hand in hand. More often than not it means very early starts and living out of a suitcase, but every so often comes the opportunity to explore a new city. Luckily for me, I was asked to travel to Sweden for 4 days, a great opportunity to extend my stay and spend [...]

Cycling in the dark

Cyclocross Noir

Almost 3 years ago to the date, I ventured out on my first night ride in windy and flat Amsterdam. I'd not long been cycling (you can tell by the passion in my writing) and was itching to get on the bike at any given opportunity and loved every second of it. This was also [...]