Brecon Beacons in the snow

Winter Wonderland – Brecon Beacons

I’ve said it before; often the best adventures are those you have at home. This weekend did not disappoint!

Taking advantage of the very unfamiliar snowy weather, we hopped across the Severn Bridge to the snow capped mountains of the Brecon Beacons National Park. Here, along with many others (not that our photos would show), we leaped from the car decked in our snowboarding gear and walking/ snow boots, cheap snowboard under-arm and into the powdery goodness.Snow Brecon Beacons Wales

Unlike our walk back in the summer (well, I say summer, visibility was about 100 yards and 10 degrees), the top of Pen Y Fan was shimmering white. This wasn’t going to be the  fastest we’d climbed or descended the peak, easily distracted by the un-disturbed slopes ahead of us.

Pen Y Fan June 2017 Brecon Beacons

What a difference a season makes – Pen Y Fan June 2017

After messing around on a cheap snowboard for a few hours, we finally climbed the steep ascent. At the top we took in the whited-out view,  our frozen fingers and faces in the bitter wind-chill encouraging us to swiftly make our way back down.Snow Pen Y Fan Brecon Beacons

We spent a good 3 hours messing around like children, gliding down on our bums and tums in fits of giggles, throwing fresh snowballs at each other and stomping through then knee-deep snow avoiding the icy main path; the snow so powdery we could easily have been in the Rockies.

Storey arms Pen Y Fan Brecon BeaconsWe made it back to the warmth of the car after a good7 mile horse-shoe loop, changing into some well anticipated dry clothes just as darkness set in. What a way to spend the day.

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